I never thought I would ZIP!!

Talk about a day of fun AND EXERCISE!  There are a few ziplining excursions but the Canopy Tour is the best and the highest.  So well run and safe.  When I saw the youngster’s (well young teens), I figured this ole gal could do it and with that stiff upper lip, Ann and I bought our tickets and never looked back.  Can you say FUN?  What a blast.  So don’t miss the opportunity to go Ziplining when in Puerto Vallarta!

On the left is my friend Sue who just loved zipping while at the condo with her husband Dave.  Ann and I are on the right looking the part, lol.  The outfit definitely did nothing for us!



  1. This was the most exhilarating experience I have had in my whole life. The jungle is beautiful with the water running through the canyon and the zip lines crossing back and forth. We were equipped with double safety equipment and very experienced guides who made the day mucho fun!

  2. I think we would have lost a couple of pounds that day, but we rewarded ourselves with a margarita and a wonderful dinner, lol. When you coming back??


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